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A Commitment to Organizational Sustainability

Ruby Canyon Engineering, Inc. (RCE) is committed to helping communities and businesses grow beyond economic development by planning, implementing, and coordinating sustainable action plans. A commitment to organizational sustainability can achieve both social and economic progress through a variety of ways such as: efficient use of resources, energy efficiency, waste management, and green technologies.


From local governments, universities, and hospitals to utilities, transit agencies, and urban landscapes, RCE works to define concepts and establish measurable goals that meet the needs of your community or business. We can help you define guiding principles and key milestones, inventory existing parameters, measure and evaluate progress, and communicate results of targeted goals. RCE can help your company prepare for sustainability initiatives such as the Federal Green Challenge or Climate Leadership Awards (CLA) or participation in the Climate Disclosure Project (CDP). 

In 2014, RCE entered into a Sustainability Teaming Agreement with Earth Protect (EP) for the purpose of providing expanded climate change and sustainability management, engineering, and communication technology consulting services to government agencies, businesses, and non-profit entities. Earth Protect can facilitate an open and transparent communication program with stakeholders, suppliers, or customers to message your success via using interactive mapping, video advertising and interactive learning tools. The companies are undertaking this collaborative effort to better serve clients seeking to achieve long-term sustainability goals and objectives and effectively communicate the results of those efforts to decision makers, interested stakeholders, and the general public.



Sustainability Performance Mapping and Management

RCE can help target eco-conscious goals by evaluating current business practices and developing a plan of action that helps build a more efficient and profitable operation. Throughout the mapping process, we will evaluate your organization’s current position taking into account the planning, managing, and reporting on social, environmental, and economic factors. 


Stakeholder Engagement

RCE is experienced in providing public outreach services within communities, including survey development, to assess the impacts of an organization’s social, environmental, and financial performance.  Stakeholder engagement is key to promoting the triple bottom line of sustainability and ensuring that all facets of an organization are transparent to the public. 


Green Auditing

RCE is able to provide clients with an in-depth analysis of current environmental strengths and weaknesses, immediate areas of improvement via a Sustainability Action Plan, and long-term recommendations.  RCE designs the audit to fit the client’s needs, defining sustainability indicators and determining their impact and trends.  RCE is also able to benchmark a client’s performance against similar organizations upon completion of a GHG inventory or sustainability assessment. 


Carbon Footprint Verification (CFV)

RCE can aid your company in quantifying, verifying, and reporting its carbon footprint or the footprint of its products.  Measuring your company’s carbon footprint is one way to identify potential areas of improvement and work towards reducing emissions or achieving carbon neutrality.  Our extensive background in GHG verification can help your company accurately define your emissions profile by business unit, facility, or equipment. In addition, we can provide assurance that your carbon footprint is complete, accurate, and in conformance with any applicable reporting protocols and regulations. 


Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

LCA is a methodology that enables a company to quantify and address their environmental impacts through a product’s life cycle from upstream processes to downstream processes.  RCE can help your company define the scope of a product lifecycle, identify the life cycle stages to include in an inventory, set boundaries, collect and analyze data, and construct a report to help communicate findings with key stakeholders. 


Non-GHG Analytics

Upon completion of a sustainability assessment, RCE can benchmark a client’s performance against similar companies within the client’s sector to better gauge their environmental risk and performance.  RCE can assess a variety of environmental indicators such as local air quality impacts, energy and water consumption, materials used, supply chain and transport, and waste disposal of hazardous, non-hazardous, and recycled waste. 


Sustainability Reporting and Assurance

RCE’s Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 trained staff has a firm grasp of the G4 Guidelines covering topics associated with corporate social responsibility such as: managing the reporting process, assessing significant impacts, stakeholder engagement, identifying performance measures, goal setting, and following best practices for developing sustainability reports.  A sustainability report that incorporates GRI G4 standards can be utilized as a tool to better an organization’s relationship with its stakeholders by fostering transparency and aid in the development of its business plan via in-depth analysis of the company’s strengths, weaknesses, and continuity throughout.


Public Outreach

RCE works with EP to help incorporate your vision, efforts, and results into a communications program that can message and market the progress and success of your sustainability efforts through video productions, interactive technology and digital media.  RCE and EP create a dynamic and full service partnership for media and social media outreach with cutting edge technology and communication tools.


Digital and Video Media Production

RCE works with EP to share the sustainability programs, progress, and success stories of your company using video and digital multi-channel tools.  EP has created a skilled team to develop videos, integrated advertising, and effective storytelling and has worked with a wide range of clients to create memorable campaigns for sustainability topics such as energy use, waste management and land conservation. See Earth Protect’s website for a more detailed explanation of services.


GIS Mapping

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) provide tools which can aid your organization in accurately mapping, displaying, and analyzing information pertinent to your organization’s sustainability goals.  RCE staff members possess strong data-analysis skills and can aid your organization in constructing data overlays, functionality queries, and filter data. 


Mobile Device Application Development

RCE works with EP to develop your mobile device app in order to promote sustainable endeavors. Mobile applications facilitate communication within your company while allowing your brand to do the speaking, optimizing user experience through an innovative design. See Earth Protect’s website for a more detailed explanation of services.


Elevated Digital Signage Solution  

RCE works with EP to offer a content-driven approach to flat screen information centers using interactive technologies which are informational, experiential and valuable. See Earth Protect’s website for a more detailed explanation of services.