• Overview
  • GHG Management
  • Methodology Development
  • Reporting


RCE offers a full suite of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) consulting services, covering all facets of GHG inventory monitoring, reporting, and verifying (MRV) and the complete emissions reduction project cycle. RCE can assist with the development of GHG inventory management plans, compile emissions data, report emissions for voluntary, state and/or federal agencies, and assist the client throughout the verification process.  Due to conflict of interest policies for third-party verifiers, RCE cannot hold roles as both the consultant and verification body for the same client or project. In addition, RCE has conducted numerous offset project feasibility studies, developed offset methodologies, provided technical assistance in the registering and monitoring of project emission reductions, and pre-verified project results. RCE is also able to provide a more detailed analysis of an organization’s emissions, preparing a Climate Action Plan, an Inventory Management Plan, or evaluating carbon intensities of products or facilities, and performing industry benchmarking.

GHG Management

RCE has completed complex GHG inventories for national and international companies as well as public organizations that aggregate emissions from multiple sites and facilities. As a result, RCE is well-versed in GHG accounting principles, emissions estimation methods, baseline determination, and concepts of materiality. RCE is also trained in Scope 3 emissions reporting and community-based GHG reporting.

As a subcontractor under the U.S. EPA’s Climate Change Division, RCE has managed the coal emissions inventory since 2006 as part of the EPA’s annual U.S. Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report. Over the years, RCE has contributed to the methodology improvements used to calculate emissions avoided at coal mines. Currently, RCE is providing technical support to assist in harmonizing the coal emissions inventory with facility data reported under the U.S. EPA’s GHG Reporting Program.

Methodology Development

Baseline Methodology & Protocol Development

RCE has provided technical assistance for the development of baseline emission methodologies within the areas of coal mine methane, transportation, oil & gas, and ozone depleting substances.  RCE has also participated in working groups to help finalize offset protocols within GHG registries such as Climate Action Reserve, Pacific Carbon Trust, and Chicago Climate Exchange. This experience coupled with participating in business-government partnership meetings has given RCE insights into helping establish new carbon market precedents for MRV emissions baselines or offset project emission reductions.


GHG Emissions & Offset Project Reporting

RCE has provided audits and pre-verification services to large firms either reporting their GHG emissions or purchasing carbon offsets in several industrial sectors such as power generation, mining & minerals, chemicals, and manufacturing.  RCE also understands the various reporting platforms such as U.S. EPA, The Climate Registry, Climate Disclosure Project, and California Air Resources Board.  

Since its inception in 2005, RCE has offered offset project support in the Clean Development Mechanism, Climate Action Reserve, and Verified Carbon Standard programs, completing project design documents, listing forms, monitoring plans, monitoring reports, and requests for variances.  This experience has given RCE first-hand knowledge of project eligibility issues, monitoring and metering systems requirements, appropriate verification site visit questions, and the rigor of barriers analysis and additionality testing.