Ruby Canyon Engineering Completes its First Verifications under California Air Resources Board Mandatory GHG Reporting Program

Ruby Canyon Engineering, Inc. (RCE), a leading greenhouse gas (GHG) verification firm in the California Air Resources (CARB) Compliance Offset Program, has extended its services into the CARB Mandatory GHG Reporting Program. RCE was approved as a verification body on May 22, 2015, and completed its first verifications under the program – verifying 2014 reports for six facilities.


RCE has the ability to verify all CARB reporting sectors through the use of its own staff and alliances with California-based firms Direct Path Strategies and Anacapa Consulting Services. With this highly-experienced team of expert verifiers, RCE offers services to all industries including those requiring specialized training such as the electric power generation, cement, oil & gas, as well as electricity importers.

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